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Gone are the Days of 20 min Evaluations

Imagine walking into a clinic, and within the first few minutes of meeting, your therapist is asking questions to learn not only about your current injury and how it happened, but they also want to know about your history and the factors that are going to impact your journey back to health. This includes learning about your injury history, what methods you’ve already tried to help, your current training routine, your goals outside of what you can do without pain, what truly motivates you to get back to performing at your best ability, and overall who you are as a person in order to best help you return to feeling like you

At this first visit, they guide you through a series of mobility and strength testing meant to reveal the factors that are keeping you from the activity that you want to return to. For some of you, it could be limited range of motion that's preventing you from accessing different positions - maybe you have back tightness from years of working at a desk, and now you have pain with a golf swing. For others, it could be muscle weakness that leads to increased pain at a joint - maybe your quads are weak from past knee surgery and rehab ended with return to walking, but now you have increased swelling when running. Here, your therapist will connect these findings to your goals with a step-by-step game plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  This is what you can anticipate during your first visit at Lakás PT because we believe in the statement below:

“Find strength in your story” 

During the evaluation, our focus is you, understanding your symptoms, and how they are related to what you’re experiencing from daily life to training. The purpose is to tie everything back to your story and uncover the missing pieces that are hindering you from your goals. You should expect to leave this session with a strong idea about the plan of care moving forward. This includes training progressions, whole-body exercise considerations, and clear expectations on a rehab timeline that makes sense for your individual body. If you're someone who is looking for a personalized rehab experience, where from Day 1 the main focus is helping your reach your goals, then look no further. Ready to take the next step or have further questions about our evaluation process? Click the link below to book a discovery call!