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The Resilient Runner Program

A 12-week exercise program aimed to improve your strength, performance, and reduce the risk of injury so you can crush your running goals.


The Resilient Runner's Program is for the beginner, the intermediate, or advanced runner who is ready to take their race training to new heights. Our purpose is to create a customized, 12-week strength training program that compliments your running training plan in order to reduce the risk of injury, maximize strength training, and help you meet your goals - whether it is to complete your first marathon or to set personal records!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Resilient Runner Membership meant for?

The Resilient Runner's Program is meant for HEALTHY runners with no current injuries. This program is designed for runners who are looking to improve their muscular endurance and strength in order to reduce risk of injury while training for their chosen race, not as a substitute for physical therapy.

How do I know which program delivery is right for me?

Hybrid program:  Can't make it to our small group classes? Prefer to work out on your own? This option might be best for you.  This is programmed from a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in return to running/sport protocols. This program is for the runners who can implement exercises individually with weekly progressions. Weekly check ins via our TrueCoach app is included. 

Small Group: Led by Fleet Feet Coaches and programmed by Dr. Kim Manlangit, this is for the runner who is motivated by being in a small group setting, can make the designated class time and day, and is in an intro to intermediate level of strength training.

Train On The Go: This is a predesigned 10-week strength training program that covers the basic movement patterns specific to the demands of running. This best works for clients who have access to gym equipment/weights and have some prior experience to strength training.

How much are each membership?

The 1-on-1 Online Training App is priced at $150 for 10 weeks of weekly check-ins with Fleet Feet coaches on your strength training program delivered through TrueCoach. 

The Small Group Program ranges is a drop in rate of $30 per class  via Fleet Feet's MindBody account. or if you pay our drop in rate. See the class schedules above in both Midtown and Elk Grove.

Train On The Go is priced at $99 for the whole 10 week program which includes exercise videos on TrueCoach. 

What equipment will I need for this program?

Highly encourage access to free weights, some resistance bands, and room to move! You will be following a 12-week program through the TrueCoach app (individualized 1-on-1 or Train On The Go Program) or combined in-person led by our performance coach.

Do I have to be part of Fleet Feet's Training Team to join?

Nope! This strength training program can accommodate runners that are following a different race training program. Your remote coach will ask for a copy of your training schedule to best fit strength training in your routine.