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Lakás Physical Therapy & Performance

ACL Rehab & Return To Sport

Sadly, the traditional medical model is failing our ACL athletes.
Sacramento Physical Therapy - Lakás PT
Sacramento Physical Therapy - Lakás PT
  • Insurance may cut you off at 3-6 months, but return to sport is 9-12 months MINIMUM.
  • You are in a facility that doesn't prepare you for the demands of your sport.
  • You are working with a therapist who is seeing 12-20 patients a day and can not individualize your plan for returning to sport with you.
  • You were "cleared" by your doctor at 4-6 months but you still lack confidence in your knee to go back to higher level activities

We believe the later stages of ACL rehab needs to be individualized, progressive, and objective. You should know exactly where you are in the process and how to improve. If you're struggling to see improvements in your ACL journey, we've got you covered!


ACL Return to Sport Testing

If you're looking for OBJECTIVE, data-driven numbers to make sure you're making progress in ACL rehab, this is for you!

This includes:

  • isolated lower body testing
  • force plates assessments
  • hop testing
  • speed & agility
  • deceleration mechanics
  • a clear plan for graded exposure back to the sport
  • communication of results with other shareholders (surgeon, strength coach, parents, etc.).

Most traditional practices clear athletes as a timed-based assessment when research shows that ACL athletes needs to hit specific objective criteria at each phase of recovery. This will be the most comprehensive testing of ACL rehab in the Greater Sacramento area.

ACL Rehab Hybrid Training

Have you been "cleared" by your last physical therapist and are still not sure what to do? Do you still not have full confidence in your abilities? This hybrid training program is for you! 

This includes:

  • remote coaching program with an ACL specialist to guide your exercise progression
  • 1x/month in-person testing with everything included in the testing program
  • 24/7 text communication with your coach
  • symptom management through our remote training app

Sadly, some insurance companies dictate the quantity of care, so a lot of ACL athletes are left to try to figure out the later stages of rehab on their own (3+ months and beyond). This training program ensures you to continue to progress outside of the traditional medical model.


*Requires minimum 3-month commitment*

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ACL RTS Testing or Hybrid Training Program for?

If you:

  • plateaued in the traditional PT model
  • are in a clinic that can't appropriately load you with heavy weights
  • feel lost or stuck in this process
  • need a sense of direction
  • haven't returned to running, jumping, or other high-level activities and its been several months into your rehab...

One of these programs is for you!

I see a physical therapist already, can I sign up for this program?

Yes! This can be used in conjunction with in-person physical therapy. We will communicate any findings we have with your physical therapist to make sure you're progressing towards your goals.

I didn't have an ACL surgery, but I've had a knee related injury, can I sign up for this program?

Absolutely! Return to sport testing is absolutely important for other knee-related injuries including meniscus injuries, patella tendinopathy, other ligament sprains, etc. 

We can also modify our rehab training program based on your injury history.

How do I know If I'm in the appropriate stage of my rehab for this program?

The "mid-stage" of ACL rehab typically starts at around 4+ months...usually, the time when athletes start to feel better doing daily tasks but are still unable to do dynamic movements like run, jump, cut, or play sports (which takes 9-12 months, minimum).

If you're seeing a plateau with where you're at with traditional rehab to higher-level activities, this is the program for you!